Who are we

OIII3 Bank is the first virtual self-sustainable banking platform based on green blockchain. OIII3 bank invests only in green projects, offering genuine profit sharing circular system benefiting mainly Emerging Countries Union (ECU) markets and its participants.

OIII3 BANK has been built for the welfare of the most vulnerable ones and for the safeguarding of our planet through creation of clean pattern of investments. It supports the new trend of innovation coming from Emerging Countries.

By joining OIII3 BANK, you will benefit from the best virtual banking services and products on the market. All our products are 0% interest and provides highest return yet achieved on both material and moral level. You will further the development of emerging markets, contributing to a better world for all humanity.

What is Green Finance, Green Blockchain

Green Sustainable finance refers to any form of financial service integrating environmental, social and governance criteria into the business or investment decisions for the lasting benefit of both clients and society.

Green Circular Economy

Green Circular Economy is created through OIII3 Bank, ring fenced self-regulated platform based on green blockchain. It allows a continuous and growing flow of green economy through the developing of green projects of all size and shapes aiming at contributing to the wellbeing of our planet. OIII3 bank works closely with Flyup, a new generation of accelerator, providing fundings to Emerging Countries innovative startups.

Why is it important

Green Finance is essential to the well-being of our planet and protection of our environment. In the light of international mandatory agreements protecting climate changes and humanity, circular green economy will be playing an essential part in the 4th green revolution transition.

How you can help

Opening an account with OIII3 bank is the guarantee that you are contributing in the rebuilding of a new Green Financial System (GFS) based on moral principles. You will benefit from the most secured virtual system, receive all best products 0% interest, tailored to your need. You will actively participate to the welfare of our planets for yourself and future generation to come.

Products & Services

Total Quality & Management

We offer innovative and tailored products to retail and corporate clients. All our products aims at growing Green Circular Economy (GSE) and promote eco-friendly projects through our pool of green minded community. All our products are interest free.

OIII3 Bank offer a self-regulated, ring fenced system which allows full segregation from financial mainstream. We are the only genuine international green finance.

OIII3 Bank is the most secured virtual banking system, allowing all your data to be treated with confidence.


Our team of professionals is here to help our community strive and receiving the best service possible. Our financial expertise is unique and together we will build a better future for our planet through a trust that is environmentally friendly through Total Quality Management (TQM).

We provide unparalleled support to all our customers from inception, treating them as our partners and thereby contributing to the enhancement of GSE.

0% interest on all our products. Free legal, regulatory advice for new customers, freeing them from unwanted long term credit from mainstream institutions. We also provide data removal from undesired systems to any new customer.


We offered the best tailored experience to all our clients, with a unique sustainable and green investment attuned approach. Our team of international professionals have wealth of experience in Emerging Countries (EC) and green circular economy.

They provide quality service based on truthful green finance, trust and moral principles. You will receive the best long term program benefiting your corporate growth.

We are focused on our customers international eco-friendly growth. Providing them with rare green finance network.

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OIII3 BANK is part of Regal 38i83 FINTECH LTD.

Regal 38i83 FINTECH LTD is Registered in Dubai, UAE – Licence Number: CL3739.